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You might have been feeling a bit reclusive with your ruler, Venus in your clandestine soul sector recently –and this may continue in May/early June. So Venus popping back into your social sector all April could be a fab foray back into the scene –for a bit of friendly, busy, popularity buzz for the month…

You reconnect with your ever-loving tribe –to the extent you’ve been neglecting them lately-and maybe some much older friendships also come out of the woodwork, for a fab blast from the past. In any case out and about, extrovert you is a good look right now, or at least returning certain phone calls/social invitations you’ve been tempted to ignore? April is time to get amongst it!

I mean you have Mars in your sign till the 26th, so you’re just bound to be at your exuberant, positive best. You have so much brilliant raw energy right now- so grabbing whatever comes your way right now with a excellent, determined lust for life is definitely your best look.

And the Full Moon of the 11th is great for your extroverted professional confidence. Jupiter in your day-job sector says yes to any new work opportunities –they’re bound to be promising, and also your best, can-do attitude to rocking your current gig for maximum, expansive potential. Not to mention a fab burst of enthusiasm for the fitness/workout regime mid month –a great time to re-acquaint yourself with the gym/running track/yoga studio etc?

Then Mars hits your income sector from the 22nd, just in time for your Taurus New Moon activating the Destiny Point in your talent/self expression sector of the 26th. Can you monetise your creative genius a bit more, not to mention just have some life-affirming fun with whatever you’re good at, for a good time late month? Absolutely!

And love? Apart from Venus providing endless, delightful flirtation opportunities if you’re out there on the hunt; Lilith in your sex sector says any deeper intimacy is for real/super courageous or you lose interest real fast. If it’s ON it’s amazing -or if not you keep moving?

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