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You’ve been busy with an extended Venus transit of your day-job sector, where you profitably focus on professional development –and this picks up again in May; but meanwhile Venus in your play/creative/talent sector all of April is all about fun!

Your usual seething, enigmatic intensity about everything might just have to give way here. It’s the season to lighten up, embrace some bubbly/exuberant self expression in the world, make some productive/innovative creative mistakes the better to get your arty mojo moving/take time out to share easy, life-affirming good times with your tribe/children/lover etc.

And speaking of love: If you’re on the dating scene it’s about flirting up a storm just for kicks, sans your usual, specific agenda of instant bedwork or obsessive, slow burning entanglement lol. A bit of delightful frisson, sans expectation, could be just the thing! And if partnered, perhaps some cute romantic gestures/fun date nights could renew your connection nicely?

I mean you have sexy Mars energising your love sector until the 22nd, and then firing up your sex sector until June; so it must be said you are going to be on fire for a while! Your libidinous charisma is peaking, so you’re no doubt fully on the prowl… one way or another you either deepen an existing connection or chase up a new one, but a handy hint here –the first half of April is Venus retro so romantic gestures are exploratory/suggestive rather than too forced; from the 16th is when you can let loose and give chase more freely, yes?

The New Moon in your partnership sector of the 26th is the bomb for any confidently concrete commitments, if you’re so inclined by then. If you’re waiting for the perfect time to pounce upon someone who really matters –this could be it!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 11th is great for a bit of shamanic, magical insight into your most rewarding lifestyle/well-being/work scenario, to be acted upon when Venus gets on board from the 29th –keep scheming in the meantime?

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