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You will no doubt be loving bitch goddess Lilith freshly in your sign, huh? Her primal, unapologetic disregard for bourgeois convention/the ‘rules’ is just so soothing for your wildling, outlaw soul.

I mean sure, Lilith can aggravate your innate tendency to ponce about flaunting your rebel/outsider/bohemian status and self-righteous attitude to a point that is, frankly, borderline insufferable (lol, gotta luv it). So you might want to watch that. But mainly it’s just an easy sense of simply being your natural, lovely free-spirited self that makes you happy –bless!

Not to mention your ruling planet, Jupiter, aggravating Uranus in your play/self-expression sector; you want the freedom to broadcast your most uninhibited creative flow in the world and you want it now! False modesty is not your thing (as if it ever was); it’s more get out there and get noticed for best results…

Because beautiful Venus in your self expression sector until June has your number –the next 3 1/2 months is primo for coming to terms with your own innate, brilliant talent and what to do about it. If not now, when? Ok so Venus retrograde this month means March is more for back-end, background preparation and perfecting your technique/polishing whatever creative project you’re working on; the better to launch it more fully from Mid-April.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 13th in your biz sector, just as hyper-confident Mars fires up your day job sector is awesome for some truly shameless self promotion, have fun with this!

And Venus is also calling open season on the Saggi love life for the next few months! It’s all about playful flirtation, making time for dating/quality time with someone special, the frisson of making eyes at each other over dinner –all that delightful tangoing around with romantic possibilities… Again, Venus retro this month might be more exploratory/sexy banter, to suss the lay of the land with an existing attraction/partner or some new crush; and you go the full, next-level seduction/commitment when Venus gets moving mid- April. The New Moon of the 28th is a beautiful clue where things are heading –and perhaps a hot date night?

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