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Venus into Aries tomorrow to rev us up -and she's going to stay there for the better part of the next 3 1/2 months! Yes we're all fired up and ready to go, so what are we going to do about it?

For a start Venus is making a move on her lover Mars -also in Aries- this week, so we're making some love stories happen? Well yes we're gonna try... the lovers come so close to hooking up it's damn well palpable but still that exquisite tension of maybe/maybe not perhaps playing out, love is all about the tango right now! Passionate and promising but we're kinda proud and haughty with one another as well; Aries is nothing if not fiercely independent and loves a romantic challenge...

Not to mention Lilith soon into Sagittarius (more on that later), and that's a cry to freedom and respecting personal space for sure. So we can thrill one another by holding our own emotionally, throwing down the romantic gauntlet if we feel it (and we better goddamn mean it, if we're gonna go there Aries insists upon loyalty and full-bore romantic courage) and we'll soon find out which connections are robust/authentic enough to score some genuine traction in the next few months. This could be hot.

And if not, we're fully prepared to charge forward and do our own thing on our own terms. We are not scared of being single because we're busy having a love affair with life, and the possibilities of personal individuation, challenging and overcoming our own limitations and personal success for a good time. Living like we mean it is the only way forward right now and it looks like fun!

And while we're on the subject of relationships, let's talk about our collective/social relationships in the current political/global scenario. One of the pitfalls of Aries is that we love a fight and busting for a bit of satisfying conflict; and it seems certain political agendas are seeking to encourage the most base, blame & hate divisions amongst us? No no no we don't fall for this! The positive Aries quality we cultivate instead is noble, brave sticking up for each other's rights and intelligent social activism -where we direct our rage at those who would seek to oppress us rather than flinging our anger around mindlessly at one another. Aries won't be pushed around and won't let anyone else be bullied either; we support each other's freedoms and dignity at all times -let's not forget it.

Including the fact that Venus will encounter rebellious Uranus/troublemaker Eris soon enough; so will the female/feminist aspect of our collective psyche take any shizz from the patriachy anytime soon? I don't think so! But again we keep it positive -not so much narky- for best results.

Ok so Venus also rules beauty, and in Aries we get our spunk on with unapologetic self confidence -we are fabulous and don't care who knows it because we're too busy having fun!

In Aries our beauty look can go anywhere from full-bling strutting our stuff to sweaty work-out gear/throwing on something sexy without thinking too much about it -because you know we're busy but our innate, personal style & show off spunk shines through effortlessly anyway.

And if you love wearing red, Venus in Aries is the perfect time to pull it off to best effect.

And Venus rules art and creativity; in Aries we blaze our own path! Our self expression is fearlessly unique because we go for whatever turns us on, and not afraid to stand a little outside the crowd if that's what it takes.

So we have until June 7th to explore our full Aries Venus moxy -including Venus popping back into Pisces from April 4th-29th to make sure we're keeping it all emotionally congruent- so let's embrace this!

Happy Venus in Aries x

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