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The Full Moon Eclipse of the 11th is an amazing wake up call to really feel whatever intimate entanglements are going on for you this month. You’re more in tune with your instincts than ever, so you embrace your gut wisdom about whoever is turning you on, or not/whoever you’re investing your time in turning on and how to keep it all as emotionally authentic as possible, for best results.

And this is also excellent astro for negotiating any imminent biz expansion/career opportunities for maximum lucrative potential; and we do this by remaining savvy about reading any subtle undercurrents in the professional dialogues here, with minimum emotional sabotage from you or whoever you’re dealing with. In love and biz, stay tuned in and stay sharp mid month!

Meanwhile, Venus in your domestic sector for the next 3 1/2 months means that a harmonious, beautiful, emotionally replenishing sanctuary is increasingly imperative for your well being. No doubt you will be perfecting your most shmick, gorgeous interior design sensibilities, maybe even a reno or advantageously considering some real-estate deal to score your dream home scenario?

And importantly, the Venus/Mars action also has you exploring the interpersonal dynamics on the home front in early February, you are so aware of the importance of healthy, thriving relationships here. Whether it’s making peace with your immediate family, shacking up with a lover (or improving your existing live-in-lover relationship) or nailing the right housemate situation… it’s worth focusing on right now and the results may be clearer by October; the better to score a solid base from which to fly free and go chase all those other dreams that want to turn you on.

And then the New Moon of the 27th is great for a more inspired version of the Capricorn income. Doing something truly meaningful for your daily coin, where you’re not selling out for money but also not underestimating your full earning potential? Late Feb sets you up for some cool clues about how to get it right.

Image: Daniela Pestova by Marco Glaviano for Elle Italia

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