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You’re kind of famous for your love of stability, native equilibrium and cool composure, but I’ve got to say you’re in the mood for busting a move and breaking some rules right now.

Uranus is a restless, seeking vibe pulsing away in the background of your psyche. You’ve been looking deep into the eyes of your most enigmatic, visionary, hungry self for a while; maybe trying to catch a glimpse of a future to get excited about therein? So now Jupiter in your work sector says let’s do this; because you know you can so hustle a better, more expansive version of the day job right now, should you open up to the broadest possibilities you can! Yes your prospects are getting bigger, if you dare… Saturn says yes but keep a cool, savvy eye on any biz negotiations/shared finances while you’re at it –no problem for a natural mogul like yourself.

Meanwhile, Lilith in your partnership sector has you insisting on nothing less than full blown, fierce authenticity in love –you’re prepared to give it and more likely to attract someone just as spunkily uncompromising as yourself in this regard. And Saturn in your sex sector says good, so keep it classy. You are really exploring the finer nuance of commitment right now –if nothing else you really get that a solid, enduring, integral entanglement actually allows the kind of personal freedom you crave; so much more than drifting about in ambiguous dating land. Know what I mean?

January sets the stage for your most brilliantly sane, potentially fulfilling romance paradigm for 2017, one way or the other.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 28th is pretty hot for grabbing some new vocational opportunity, if it feels right give it a go!

Image: Aradia Sunseri

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