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So Mr relentless taskmaster/personal trainer Saturn in your sign for the last 15 months has been a drag –and there’s another year to go! I know, right …are you so fuqing over this tedious, hard yakka shizz already or what?

Well you can look at it like; this is a process of getting over any fluffy oh I’m too boho/wild/cool for bourgeois constructs like ‘success’ attitude, getting that you’re just as driven by healthy ambition (or even venal greed, lol) as everyone else, figuring out what you want and digging deep to find raw, gutsy work ethic to make it goddamn happen already! And you’re more than half way through this thing –it’s like the first bit was eradicating denial/realizing that yes this is happening/hatching the schemes/laying the groundwork/building the core strength for it –so there’s no giving up now that you’ve finally got the momentum/eyes on the prize and on the home stretch that is 2017.

Know what I mean? You’re making way more progress than you think, no matter how much you’re chafing under the discipline, my little wildling.

I bet you’re already feeling more lean, mean, ruthlessly motivated and incapable of dealing with fuqwits-because you’ve got way more important things to do- than this time last year? This is good! It’s a once in a 29-year chance to rock your most outrageous achievement/biz acumen/mogul tendencies in the world so you better hop to it, believe in yourself and persevere no matter what –if not now, when??

Right now you have rebel futuristic Uranus in your talent/creative sector sparking up your lucky ruler, Jupiter and Bitch Lilith preparing to get her brazen spunk on your sign soon (this Valentines Day, to be exact!), so what’s not to love about your blazingly incandescent charisma right now?

Keep walking your talk and strutting your stuff – you’re hot and you know it. And ps, so is your love life around mid Jan; the Full Moon in your sex/intimacy sector is smoking! Not to mention a potentially lucrative $ opportunity if you focus…

Image: Neil Krug

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