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Venus, your lovely ruling planet, into your play sector from the 8th is a nice reminder to have some fun with life this month…

Mars has been revving up your creative moxy lately, so you have the bravado to put yourself out there in all your confident glory; and Venus helps to milk this by reminding you exactly what your most brilliant, unique talent is and enjoy getting some shameless self promotion on re this! I mean if you don’t believe in your own inimitable excellence first, how the hell can you expect the rest of the world to, know what I mean?

And Venus also has you –the most accomplished flirt in the world- even more on form with the dazzling charm than usual. Whether it’s flirty romantic repartee or social butterfly schmoozing, maybe time to get out there, in party season and shake a tail feather?

And if it’s proper love action you’re after here, the stars are with you! Uranus in your love sector suggests some kind of electrifying attraction/chemistry sparking up –whether it’s renewed, thrilling fireworks with an existing partner or a sudden frisson with someone wildly unexpected; Its fab and promising but note, this is not exactly stable energy!

Your romantic prospects are fluctuating all over the shop; and luckily you have Jupiter in your sign helping you to recognize where the most positive, life affirming scenario is revealing itself here and grab it with full, exuberant emotional confidence. Trust your own, gut instincts as much as possible right now for best results.

And then Mars into your work sector from the 19th pulls your attention back to the day-job quick sticks. Lilith says you want to make your living on your own terms with minimum personal/creative compromise-good. So Mars says in order to pull this off you have to bring your best, maximum level of gruntingly determined, high performance work ethic -every day in every way. So worth it!

Image: Esther Cañadas by Ellen Von Unwerth

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