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Venus into Capricorn 2.54pm today AEDT (until Dec 8th), and immediately aspects her lover Mars, so yes we need to talk about love this week...

But first, current affairs. I had a go at the male president elect in my recent Mars post, so I guess it's only fair I critique the female archetype in this politico scenario in a Venus post...

Venus is obviously the female principle, and in 'feminist' terms in Capricorn her better qualities are strength of character, enduring perseverance against all odds, sticking it to the patriarchy by being better/tougher/more capable than 'the man' and proving that any woman can play with the big boys on her own terms, more than hold her own and not only not succumb to bullying/sexism/harassment but be the powerbroker in the room -so there!

Because a woman in her power is going to undermine the violent, exploitative extremes of patriarchal govt/corporate elite crap in favour of a more equitable, sustainable, ecologically sane world for all-including those minorities/indigenous peeps/impoverished masses/exploited animals who have been suffering too long under the yoke of the military/industrial complex... right? And a lot of people think the defeated female candidate is all that, and mourning the fact she didn't get in....

but I say WTF? She is deeply embedded in the fabric of the patriarchal, elite 1% and an enthusiastic warmonger and I say good riddance (and yes the new prez is equally ghastly, obviously-all part of the same grotesque team)... just my 2 cents worth.

Did I mention that the more shady qualities of Capricorn are venal ambition, fake integrity and money hungry lust for power? Yes, we could all profitably watch-and try to overcome- any of these tendencies within our shadow selves right now, for a good time and optimum personal growth...

If we're looking for the powerful, positively empowered and determined warrior woman to rise up and make the world a better place? We need to be it! It's time to discover our own potent, truly integral, kick-ass feminine archetype (or supporting it in others who are doing great work in the world); we are all creating a healthier, more 'feminist', progressive world, every day in every way -if we choose to. Let's own that...

Image: via Rob Brezny

Ok moving on... so Venus is about what we value, and in Capricorn we for sure value ambitiously climbing toward our most important goals with a solid, persevering work ethic. Venus rules our most innate, magnificent talent and Capricorn rules what to do with it - the elbow grease of sheer discipline, focus and hard yakka required to get us over the line to vocationally successful outcomes. Particularly those of us in creative/arty/design/fashion/beauty realms (ruled by Venus) are really getting our groove on right now.

And Venus rules beauty and style, so what is the 'look' that's going to help us get ahead? Capricorn is pretty streamlined... We can go simple and utilitarian, with good quality, practical clothes that get us through the workday with minimal fuss -an efficient, organised wardrobe where we have workout gear handy to throw on for our 5am fitness whatever routine then throw on something appropriate/professionally sleek for a productive day of hustling the biz world without too much fretting over fussy fashion choices.

Or if we're glamming it up we're really good at it -groomed, polished, waxed and plucked to an inch of our lives and strutting around looking shiny and immaculate with not a single hair out of place! Yes we do tend to do status-anxiety here; some timeless designer label piece-better if we spotted it in some pile of vintage tat because, you know, we have an eye for these things/a single piece of expensive-understated-bling/stealth luxury/the cache of natural, high quality fabrics, clean lines, glossy hair and minimal make-up over the perfect complexion we have cultivated via hydration, a clean, organic diet, oxygen facials and some ridiculously bio-dynamic face serum. Capricorn doesn't fake it, we look good cos we've goddamn worked for it!

Metallics work-platinum/silver jewellery in particular. And a neutral palette, particularly grey/charcoal/white/beige add to the understated elegance of it all. And yes we can sex it up if we want to dress provocatively, but again it's understated -a tiny hint of flesh, a teensy suggestion of the best lingerie peeking out from beneath, shmick tailoring advantageously flattering our toned bod, etc.

Image: Barbera Palvin

And of course Venus rules romance. In Capricorn it's always about respect -we need to respect ourselves for any choices we make in this dept, whether it's a lustful fling/dating etiquette/our lifelong mate we need to feel good about the calibre of who we're hooking up with; and we need them to be respecting us just as much in return, we have standards you know! It's all about that Capricorn quality control, we're either doing it at the highest level or not at all. And commitment/longevity is important here -any connections firing up/unfolding right now almost certainly has an eye to long term possibilities; again we're either doing it well, with genuine potential for real chemistry and sustainable compatibility/shared values or we can't be bothered, frankly.

Because the thing is that the first thing Venus does as she glides into Capricorn today is hook into a lovely aspect with her lover, Mars and with Mr Hot Pluto pulling them together in a powerful vortex of undeniable attraction! So the rest of this week is actually massive for revealing any deeply felt, mutually enthralling, magnetically real connections in our lives, and what we're going to do about them... these are the kind of entanglements that are sure to be magically transformative, one way or the other. Pluto loves dredging up the unspoken, unresolved, primal emotions and having a good hard look at them; the better to do raw intimacy more courageously than ever ...or move the hell on? This astro is rife with love action, powerful attractions, romantic chemistry, massive romantic reveals (?) that could have us seeding/beginning/ending/fiercely transforming/negotiating the deeper levels of our love connections all over the place... it's gonna be interesting for sure!

So let's be brave, integral and determined to get it right this month; in all our connections, personal aspirations and walking our talk in the world. Happy Venus in Capricorn x

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