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Jupiter in your career sector means 12 months of supercharged, success oriented vocational opportunities coming up! Your native, savvy biz cunning is augmented by an expansive, adventurous new approach to long term professional growth… you’ve got a whole year of this coming up and you’re gonna love it!

So the New Moon of the 1st is a lovely intro to this positive new phase. It’s like you wake up on the first day of October and think yes I can, drop any tired, limiting belief systems you’ve been indulging lately and seize some thrilling new opportunity/biz development that just happens to turn up right on time because you’re ready for it. Don’t underestimate the power of this renewed momentum, as it unfolds throughout the month… there’s a cool new path out there and it’s got your name written all over it.

I mean Mars is firing up your mojo big time all month, so you are ambitious, spunky, libidinous, brave… unstoppable really. Whatever turns you on -in any area of life; you go get it no matter what!

The Mars/Pluto hook up in your sign around the 20th is peak Capricorn moxy, a great time to focus and use your personal power for fierce personal transformation and constructive (and lucrative) personal advancement in the world. Stay sharp about this –it’s taking you places for sure...

Meanwhile, the Full Moon of the 16th is a chance to embrace a genius breakthrough moment, re scoring a more authentic vibe in your personal realm. A better home life/dynamic in your closest relationships is unfolding- but it might take a minor blow up mid month to get you there? Yes it’s worth it, if you keep an open mind…

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