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We have to talk about your ruling planet, Mars, in your vocational sector. Firstly Mars spends all month firing up your professional ambition and the driving motivation to work as fiercely as necessary to make it happen, so you’re pretty unstoppable really. And then you have Mars firing up lucrative/power tripper/potent Pluto around the 20th. This is peak time to nail that big biz deal, advantageously get your head around power dynamics at work, push through on a big career transformation you’ve been brewing for a while… etc. This is a big chance to nail the Aries achievement moxy so keep your eye on the prize, and for goodness sake don’t slack off just when you’re so close to the big breakthrough… hard, savvy yakka is so worth it right now!

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 1st is powered by lucky Jupiter in your love/partnership sector! Seriously, could your month get any better? This is where you take a chance on a more expansive, honest, promising direction in an existing partnership, or if single some wildly positive, inspiring new contender blasts onto the scene… Stay way receptive to open-ended possibilities here, for best results.

And the Venus/bitch goddess Lilith hook up in your sex/money sector around the 6th is so potent for nailing any deeply intimate/hotly passionate/savvy biz or money negotiations in your sights.

Then the Full Moon of the 16th is in your sign, activating maverick Uranus and sparking up an innovative, free-spirited, change-friendly attitude to how you present yourself in the world. You are the wild card in your own life right now and you like it…

This is great, but do watch any temper tantrums you might be tempted to visit upon anyone who (accidently) presses your buttons mid-month. Your relationship moxy is fiery for sure, so you ideally keep it excitingly sparky rather than any unnecessarily obnoxious, bolshie attitude (just sayin). Keep it positive…

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