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Image: Florian Tenk photography

Mars into Capricorn today, after dithering in emo Scorpio and wildling Sagittarius all year, so it's (finally) back to business!

Libidinous Mars in highly ambitious Capricorn is always a lust for success, with an excellent, bloody-minded willingness to work for it no matter what. And we have Mr Powerhouse Pluto firing up in Capricorn (after 5 months dithering retrograde) just as Mars arrives, so this is one fierce, volcanic awakening of primal, authentic potency for sure! And just wait for the Mars/Pluto hook up around October 20th for a really good time...

We have 6 weeks of hard-core work ethic, fierce determination, sexual kryptonite, gutsy personal transformation coming up, ready or not...

Mars rules ambition, Capricorn wants to get way the hell ahead and Pluto rules lucrative, big money voodoo. So in biz, career and finances we're settling for nothing less than fully awesome right now. But, as I said we're gonna have to grit our teeth, gird our loins and claw our way to the top with our best blood, sweat & tears moxy. Nothing is being handed on the proverbial platter -we're totally working for it; which makes our successful outcomes so much sweeter...

Image: Ace of La

And Mars rules sex. And oh my god Pluto has the most passionate, limbic, deeply emotionally charged, raw, erotic, taboo(?) aspects of our sexuality busting out of whatever secretive lid we often try to keep our true desires hidden under. And Capricorn is randy as hell, but also with impeccably high standards of relational conduct-in and out of the bedroom. So all of our sexual and romantic choices right now are both wildly volatile/down & dirty and under a special kind of scrutiny to do it with classy self awareness.

Image: Vikings

We do it in the boardroom/after hours in the office (Mars in Capricorn loves workplace entanglements) lol.

We do it in nature (Cappy is an earth sign). We do it with someone we love so deeply we can hardly breathe when they touch us (Pluto means it). And perhaps we do it in some passionate, unexpected moment of madness (volcanic Pluto can explode suddenly)!

And Mars rules fitness. Capricorn is the ultimate disciplinarian, and Pluto loves to plumb depths of gritty self-mastery we didn't know we had until we tried that little bit harder... any workout regime that pushes us to the next level, and just sweating it out as much as we damn well can is a winner here.

Happy Mars in Capricorn, and welcome back Pluto. Whatever crazy assed goals we're busting to achieve, Phoenix-like personal growth we're confronting and passionate encounters we're chasing... let's go!

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