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Libra=Relationships, relating, romance, preferably done with a stylishly suave attitude, some polished flirtation/charming banter, elegant dating (as opposed to hot headed hook ups I suppose) etc, and smooth negotiation skills/respectful meeting of equals for more functional connections all round OR bossing each other round (but o so sweetly)/ power tripping covertly, iron fist in velvet glove style. Not to mention an obsession with artistically styled, harmonious aesthetics pervading everything.

Jupiter= Freedom! It's bolshie fuq-you-I'll-do-what-I-want attitude, where personal liberty trumps everything else; and we're liable to go bolting out the back door/charging into the sunset at warp speed at even the hint of 'let's sit down and have a nice little us chat', let alone hanging around fretting over the home decor/creative process.

So what do we do when Jupiter spends a whole year in Libra? Beginning 8.48 tonight AEST I might add-where Jupiter hits Libra under the auspices of a Moon/Mars moment in Jupiter-ruled Sag, which is all about fighting for one's emotional liberty...

Well we're commencing a year-long intensive in how to do free-spirited relating; how to honour the importance of human connection without cramping one another's style/how to oxygenate our loving by unconditionally embracing the concept of one another's personal space. Involvements which turn us on with expansive new possibilities and we grow/thrive/explore together, as opposed to locking us down into limiting, prescribed partnership dynamics. etc. Actually sounds pretty good, huh?

And when it comes to art and the creative process, Jupiter is great for wild flashes of inspiration to get excited about, broad-brushstroke 'big' ideas to play with and embracing global/cross cultural influences or collaborations. And getting away from the studio/drawing board/computer etc and go live a little, to bring back some refreshed perspective, spontaneity and new life experience to our work...

Happy Jupiter in Libra x

...and just a little side-note to the Saggies/wildling Sag types out there who are chafing like fuq under Saturn's strict, obey-the rules-and-get-your-shizz-together disciplinarian internship in the school of hard-yakka work ethic; and you think your patron planet switching signs might get you off the hook? Um not so fast, it might get you a cute partner to share the learning curve with/fun new attitude (good) but other than that....Saturn still has till 15 months on your back, so yeah sorry bout that, lol...

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