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Jupiter in your work sector from the 9th has you excited by the day-job again! You’ve got a whole year ahead of chasing some genuinely worthwhile goals at work. That cliché of doing something you love –or at least properly believe in- and never have to slog another day in your life could be an inspiring mantra for you right now, and something to think about working towards?

A positive, dynamic health routine might be a good start here, where fitness endorphins = a brilliantly motivated, almost effortless work ethic. So good.

Which might be better than the other version of lavish Jupiter in your lifestyle sector; where you lush out on the beach/couch/wherever, downing snax/booze/gourmet delights and getting your Taurus appetites on. Yes it sounds like fun -but also could be a wasted opportunity to get ahead? Best remain motivated to energetically nail the next chapter of your successful, dolce vita life, yes?

And then Mars driving forward in your sex sector is all systems go for the Taurus libido! If you’re involved, you’re likely to be going off in the bedroom and, more importantly, deepening the emotional intimacy between you in a very real way. And if you’re on the prowl, your seductive prowess is wildly effective (yes, even more than usual), and likely to attract someone just as hot blooded as yourself for a good time …and maybe something potentially meaningful as well? Venus into your love sector from the 24th adds extra romantic schmooze and flirtation genius to all this.

And you’re also money hungry (lol), enough to assert yourself very well, thank you very much, in any financial negotiations going on right now. If you have any sticky money/biz deals to make, September would be the time-as long as you’re not going on the actual warpath with anyone; that could flare up real fast if you’re not careful!

Meanwhile, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of the 1st is actually a fun, easy vibe where you get your art, creativity and romance sensibilities happening for a lovely week of Taurus playtime.

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