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So what you’re mainly doing right now is waiting with baited breath for lucky Jupiter to hit your sign from September 9th –for a whole year! To the extent that you’ve been doing spiritual-warrior biz for the last year-ie learning how to tune into your powerful, internal positive life force no matter what life throws at you, well done you! Now you’re ready to flaunt your new found self-confidence in the world for a chapter of brazenly chasing your dreams and living large!

And Venus in your sign till the 24th lushes up your natural beauty, charm and creative moxy to this end; the sheer force of your charisma and raw talent can coax your best schemes into existence and persuade whoever you need to get on board with you, which is helpful.

Not to mention romance –you’re gorgeous and you know it and so does everybody else! September is brilliant for shaking your lovely spunk in the world/flirting it up/treating your current lover to your best, delicious attention…. the better to rock whatever love action you have in mind and make it happen for real. And coming to terms with your own desirability/romantic confidence/unleashed self-expression is a wonderful thing, regardless of any immediate relationship status-obviously.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 1st is a blast of inspired thinking about what you want to do with all your new found, Jupiterian life force; which sets you up for actioning some genius vocational instinct around the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of the 17th. Mid month is amazing for walking your talk on the work front; the better to score some integrity based job-satisfaction/some cool new gig in line with your current ambitions. And Venus into your income sector from the 24th helps you negotiate optimum coin re this. Positive Libran intent around abundant, lucrative living? It’s so on!

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