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Jupiter in your cash sector for the last year has had you vibing pretty magnanimous around cash this last year –so yes you may have got your head around earning good coin, which is fab, but also perhaps hitting the old spending pretty hard too? The New Moon of the 1st is where you bring all this beautiful abundance consciousness forward, only profitably leaner, meaner and smarter for best results. Savvy fiscal management-especially with Mercury retrograde forcing you to sharpen your game- is your new thing!

And on this note the Full Moon/Solar Eclipse of the 17th could be a momentary lapse of financial/emotional boundaries, which you might want to watch. But it totally could also be some lovely soulmating/genuinely touching intimacy (with someone already close to you?) which is a beautiful thing, but you do keep your head screwed on as well, to avoid any potential flights of unrealistic emo fantasy, yes?

Mars/Saturn in your play sector helps. You’re doing grounded romance, and also grounded arty/professional output based on good old creative discipline. Your stunning Leo talent, passion, personal warmth and self-expressive self-confidence is so much more powerful when channelled through your best enthusiastic, hard yakka, persevering work-ethic this month.

Jupiter in your ideas sector from the 9th (for a whole year!) provides much inspiration re this. Your motivation comes from thinking way outside the square and ditching any limiting old paradigms at a million miles an hour… the better to embrace your most positive, innovative, expansive, Can-Do life plan… yes you can!

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