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Mars has spent a lot of time this year energising your creative sector, and having you come to terms with your raw talent. So now that you know-more than ever- what you’re really good at, Mars wants you to get your work ethic on properly this month and do something about it for goodness sake!

September’s imperative for you is thus:

Nailing the fitness/workout/superfood etc dietary regime is essential, because you want to be feeling dynamic, powerful and at peak physical prowess right now. It’s good for thy soul to be feeling positive about your personal well-being and also the endorphins of a daily workout = a high level work ethic on the day job. Which is important, given how many cool, promising opportunities are presenting to move forward professionally this month, if you have sufficient motivation to grab them.

Healthy wealthy and wise is so the way forward for you right now; and the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of the 1st is fresh, clean new attitude re this -including the capacity to think on your feet/re-evaluate the game plan as you go (thank you Mercury retrograde in your ideas sector), for the rest of the month.

And then there’s Jupiter into your home sector from the 9th, which has you vibing pretty restless for the next year, to be honest. You’re looking for a more expansive, commitment free version of domestic bliss-and seeking some personal space and emotional oxygen to breathe, free from any heavy obligations on the home/real estate front. Whether you’re redecorating your space for a more zen, inspiring aesthetic where you can hear yourself think, or negotiating a ‘lighter’ vibe with housemates/family/solo living bliss- Venus helps you to score maximum domestic harmony this month.

And love? Lovely Venus in your romance sector from the 25th and sexy Mars in your partnership sector from the 28th means that if you’re looking for the right time to schedule your next hot date/seduction/’us talk’/romantic dinner/bonding time with your mate; the end of the month would be it.

Image: Timothy Lantz

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