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So as Mars finally slips out of your sign for another few years, it’s time to reflect on what you have learned from your libidinous (ex) ruling planet stoking your fires for the last 7 months.

Mars is forthright, impatient, assertive to the point of give me what I want NOW or else aggro; and was your patron planet until Pluto stepped in with a more brooding, subtle, secretive aspect of your desire nature (long story). So to the extent that Mars has awakened your ancient lust to get ahead recently- how are you going with that? Do you feel more comfortable in your skin, and accepting of your own primal sexual/ambitious urges- the better to healthfully express them? Or are you still trying to process whatever deep-seated shizz has been coming up for you around this?

It’s fine either way, because with Mars now in your cash sector you’re truly ready to get some personal satisfaction, not to mention earning good coin for being your true, lusty, powerful self in the world no matter what. This is excellent!

Because the New Moon of the 3rd is a totally brilliant moment to channel all that money lust (admit it) into some decisive professional decisions that will garner you the financial and vocational satisfaction you’ve been yearning for. Especially around the 23rd/24th you are pragmatically pro-active around income-creation, even beyond your usual fiscal savvy. You love this!

And romance? You’re either so confidently in love already you’re shouting it from the rooftops, and so not scared to declare yourself fully to your lover-thank you Mars upping your sexual self-assurance lately… Or, if single or whatever you are most likely to meet your next love interest at work- sexy frisson with some client/colleague/boss/someone via your professional network coming up. Work it, huh, and note to self- shmick up the professional ‘look’ this month!

image: Paolo Roversi

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