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The month begins with a gorgeous New Moon in your sign on the 3rd, just as Mars rocks into your play sector and gets busy sexing up your creative mojo until late September.

So there is a tangible, fresh sense of renewal in the air for you right now. You feel your blood rising to meet any challenges on your path with an exuberant, confident lust for life that defies any obstacles that even think about standing in your way.

Because yes, Saturn on board says there are lessons coming up –and mainly about nailing a certain creative discipline in your life. Whether you’re an officially arty type or not, you just know you’ve got to get real about effective self-expression in the world, and doing whatever you do so damn well that you knock everybody’s socks off with your sheer brilliance. You love this! The Mars/Saturn hook up of the 23rd/24th is a powerful combination of inspiration and elbow grease to make whatever mark you want to make on the world right now… grab it with both hands, yes?

And then the Venus/Jupiter combo on the 28th is a big message of how to schmooze/charm/creatively manifest your way toward some significant abundance via your future income flow. If you wanna make big coin you gotta think big, be visionary, act boldly and believe in your own raw talent unapologetically –you’ve always know this, but now it’s clearer than ever. You could have some truly advantageous moves up your sleeve this month-and late month is when you really play your cards right.

Meanwhile, watch out for a certain sexy frisson/ romantic tension coming your way between the 7th and the 10th, which helps to set up a more savvy, constructive love dialogue for the rest of the month. The Full Moon of the 18th is prime time to reveal your intentions/seize some authentic passion with someone special…

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