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The New Moon of the 3rd is a welcome blast of confidence in your most intimate personal/sexual/romantic and financial entanglements. You have one of those moments of instinctive genius where you get that there is a better way of doing things, and even better you know what it is!

So you may find yourself naturally relating in an altogether more authentic and savvy manner to those around you, much to the benefit of your most important relationships. And if you’re ready for mysterious destiny to hook you up with your next romantic interest/hot lover/biz partner etc? Early August could well be the time –be prepared to be surprised.

Then there’s Mars, having spent the last several months intermittently firing up your social moxy and a keen awareness of where you fit in the world/seeking your tribe/doing the social butterfly thing and generally projecting your energy outwards; now retiring for a few months of blessed replenishment in a more introverted, private mode.

Saturn, your ruling planet in your soul sector in league with dreamy Neptune in your ideas sector is actually quite the divinely inspired, spiritually enlightening combination. You retire to your sanctuary and rest, meditate, look within for a while-ready to come roaring back out, all guns blazing in late September… enjoy the downtime whilst you can, huh?

And the Full Moon of the 18th is a Money Moon (your favourite!). You align your emotional truth-ie doing stuff you properly love, with your usual financial nous and viola; a fab clue about the next income-creating/biz move in your life. Brilliant.

Image: Natalia Arias, Reincarnation of Quetzacoalt

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