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It’s just so bloody good to have Mars, your ruling planet, finally rocking forward into your adventure sector right now!

I mean it’s been fabulously sexy having sexy Mars activating your sex sector, on and off for the last 7 months and all; and I’m sure you’ve come to terms with the reality of your spectacular libido (admit it), the deepest nuances of your closest entanglements, and nailing any power trippy money/biz scenarios in your life. You are more self aware than ever about the thrills and pitfalls of your particular brand of uncompromising, passionate living –including how to authentically deal with certain hot/volatile/vulnerable love connections, and perhaps tell certain control-freaks in biz/family whatever exactly where to shove it. So that’s satisfying.

But now it’s time to lighten up and rock on with a more expansive, adventurous, visionary agenda for yourself. To ponder: what really turns you on about the possible next chapter in your life- especially to do with travel/freedom of movement/academia/living large? And what kind of discipline/personal responsibility do you have to put in to make it so? Trust the bigger picture story going on for you-you’ve got two months of fab momentum coming up re this -and then get busy working at it, yes?

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 3rd is a fab creative awakening; where art, playful self-expression and having fun just because it’s good for your soul get your groove on beautifully. And then Venus into your day-job sector from the 6th is awesome for professional recognition of your raw talent/shameless, profitable self-promotion next time you talk to the boss/most promising client etc, dressing for success and maybe even flirting it up a bit on the job to schmooze your way forward…

You’re actually kind of on fire right now-best work it whilst you can!

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