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New Moon in Cancer tonight, 9pm AEST.

New Moons are always a fresh sense of connection with whatever we're really feeling about life, and in Cancer the Moon is at her luminous best, where we're bound to be emotionally authentic no matter what...

Mars in storm phase recently has had us struggling with our primal desires, and perhaps tempted to overanalyse things in order to avoid our true, pressing needs cos they're just too real? This Moon brings us back to our truth pronto.

This is a wonderful chance to bypass any intellectual analysis of our current scenario, and get in touch with our gut instincts, raw emo and embrace empowered emotional vulnerability instead.

This Moon opposes hot-shot, power monger Pluto, so we're in transformative, life changer mode for sure. Pluto says we conquer any psychological demons standing in our way for a good time.

Crippling self doubt/crappy relationship dynamics holding us back? We eat them for breakfast with a sexy new moxy (that would be tomorrow morning) and spit them out as we charge forward toward the future we know we deserve.

We have luvvy Venus and articulate Mercury on board here, to support our romantic and creative confidence- it's a great time to express ourselves more powerfully -and honestly, in love, seduction, art ...whatever rocks our boat.

And also the lucky Jupiter/Destiny Point action is triggered by this Moon: if we know what our bigger dreams are (and we do!), we're ready to own that and make our best, visionary life happen already, sans excuses.

Happy New Moon x

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