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The New Moon in your biz sector of July 4th features Venus, your lovely ruling planet and clever Mercury. So the focus of July is all about getting ahead vocationally, and Venus brings your best, core competencies forward to this end:

Beauty. To the extent that your native shmick grooming and confident style matter, in making the right impression in the world; you really work it this month by honing in on where you want to be at, professionally, and fully looking the part already. Dressing for success is a killer asset for you right now.

Talent. Your current ambitions require raw talent, creative genius and doing whatever you do with that extra bit of spunky flair. Luckily, this is your thing!

Flirt. Ok so sometimes we have to charm our way into certain vocational scenarios and opportunities; not everyone is savvy enough to recognise your innate genius for themselves, and you have to go persuade them to see it! There can be a fine line between smooth self-promotion, schmoozing and downright cheeky flirtation on the job, and you’ll instinctively get the subtleties of this right -as you always tend to do!

And Mars finally blasting forward in your cash sector-all month- energises your current ambition perfectly. You are motivated by an instinctual grasp of how to monetise your best skills, score the coin you need to further your professional growth, generally vanquish any financial self-doubt and vibe confidently abundant instead. Lilith on board says you make your fortune not by compromising yourself or selling out your time to the lowest bidder, no; you go for a worthwhile income because you’re worth it!

July 7th is a brilliant synergy of smart work practice=fiscal progress -and it’s also brilliant for romance! If you’re on the prowl, a sudden flash of unexpected attraction could rock your world at this time (yes, quite possibly in a biz situation), and if you’re already connected this could be the time to flow so much more easily, and emotionally comfortably with your lover… embrace these sympatico moments, yes?

And the Full Moon of the 20th is you checking in with your own emotional truth about any domestic or familial choices upon you. If in doubt, fully listen to thy gut instincts!

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