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If you’ve been feeling a bit meh about certain friendships or your crew generally, recently, Mars forward in July should re-energise your social life, making time for good mates, sense of community involvement and savvy networking instincts. It’s nice to be out and about, and flaunting your genius in the world again, huh?

But the real action is the New Moon of the 4th in your love sector! This is a fresh perspective on your key relationships with love goddess Venus and clever Mercury on board, so you are ready to embrace best practice partnership for sure:

If you’re already hooked up, you make the effort this month to make your lover feel loved. Why not splash out on a special dinner and make eyes across the table like it’s those first, dreamy days of your courtship again to rekindle the spark? Or-if it’s still early days- to let them know you want take this thing further -if that’s what’s on your mind; this Moon will help to clarify your intentions-not to mention your lover’s, if you’re ready for ‘that’ conversation…?

If you’re single/on the prowl you have oodles of witty, intelligent charm and beautiful allure to go work your best romantic schmooze on the dating scene/some cutie in particular. So your flirt game is way up, which is handy, and you’re more likely than not to be attracting some desirable, quality contenders into your orbit right now –also helpful. And I suspect you have a keen eye on potentially promising future prospects, more so than cheap/temporary thrills right now… and you might be right on that score, so put your intentions out there accordingly, huh?

Meanwhile the Jupiter/Destiny Point action in your Destiny sector still has you dreaming big in terms of your own, personal life goals- and this might mean vanquishing any crappy, limiting old beliefs that still stand between you and the freedom of movement/ideal life path you crave, in order to get the hell on with it? Good, you’ve been on this healing journey for a while now and you know you’re up for a transformative breakthrough at some point; why not embrace it sooner than later?

To this end, the Full Moon of the 20th is a blast of emotional awareness and fierce instinctual drive to be true to thine own self no matter what-and Uranus says if this means facing up to any liberating (disruptive?) clarity about your preferred address or familial/domestic set up, so be it. Just keep it constructive, yes?

Image: Heidi Mount by Paolo Roversi

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