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The fact that your ruling planet, Mars, has been dithering around backwards and forwards ALL freaking year, and in your seething sex/money sector for goodness sake, has no doubt had you kind of wound up and on edge huh? Or more like bloody randy, restless and money-hungry but only intermittent action frustrating the fuq out of you lol. So you’ll be pleased to know that Mars is finally busting a move and charging forward for the whole of July, where your moxy is back on track for sure!

Bitch goddess Lilith is on board here, so you’ve been playing with the fact of your fierce, uncompromising attitude to all things interpersonal: shared resources/financial negotiations/sexual entanglement/vulnerability intimacy are realms where you’re nobody’s fool and you want nothing less than Respect. Once due regard for Aries autonomy has been established, then you’re hot to trot to hook up, fall in lust/love, talk nitty-gritty biz deals etc. And you do it with a hot-blooded, passionate, ardent confidence you haven’t felt for a while-you love this, it’s like oxygen for your soul!

So yes, the Aries love/sex machine is back. If you’re already involved you bravely reality check your connection, the better to explore a way deeper, genuinely meaningful new dimension to your intimacy-this could be a truly beautiful thing. And if you’re on the prowl, your seductive prowess is hot (as if you didn’t know it)! If you’re into getting out there and chasing up some sexy new thing, you’re well nigh irresistible -so go gettem tiger…

And the Aries ambition (especially financial) is also back. This is where lucrative Pluto in your vocational sector syncing with the lucky Jupiter/Destiny Point action in your day-job sector is sensational! You are so magnificently tuned into your best, genius instincts about finding your ideal professional niche and how to make some damn good coin doing it. Think big, and then dig deep to find the gutsy work ethic to follow your most brazen plans through. Fierce determination-always a good look for you, is the fully the way forward right now; and the Full Moon of the 20th is a blast of emotional motivation to stick with it.

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 4th is about your home/family life vibing as nurturing, safe, inspiring sanctuary. Honour this.

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