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June is here and the Scopes are Up.

And it's a pretty amazing month...

We have lucky Jupiter perfecting a conjunction with the magical Destiny Point, which has been brewing all year! We've been wanting to grab our fate with both hands, get our groove on properly and realise some meaningful, life-path accomplishments for for a while now; and June is our big chance to walk our talk on that...

But we have Mars retrograde all month as well, in impatient, visionary Sag. We are busting to bust a significant move in our lives, but also aware that we tread softly, with subtle, animal cunning toward our goals for the moment... we're preparing for the more overt action of July in a powerful way, but we have to keep the twin flames of determination and patience going for the moment.

And there's a Venusian New Moon in Gemini on the 5th, where we are so full of genius, shmoozy charm to keep us moving towards what we want.

And then there is a BLUE MOON in Sagittarius on the 20th- a precious, rare opportunity to shift many a previously impossible dream into reality; and at the very least gain a genius, life changing new perspective on our emotional urges...

Yes, Destiny is here and she has our number! Now we just have to tango with the tantalising, intriguing possibilities she is presenting, and remain very instinctual about the right time to strike upon certain opportunities... it's a cool new rhythm to get moving with.

For more on how this applies to you, check out your monthly scopes here.

Happy June x

Image: Paolo Roversi

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