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Your lovely ruling planet Venus has you restless with wanderlust and dreaming of an escape plan; you wish to be somewhere glamorous doing something glamorous-anything more exciting than the daily grind.

And the New Moon of the 5th picks up on this nicely-but it’s probably not how you think. It’s when you get that your greatest adventure right now is an internal, shamanic, meditative, yogic, philosophical/academic, finding your inner creative muse thing that you really embrace the groove of June. Sure, you might score a fun trip somewhere and that’s cool, but wherever you are your current inspiration is more of an inner enlightenment, spiritual buzz; thank you Jupiter and the Destiny Point lighting up your soul sector.

It’s when Venus hits your biz sector on the 18th that you get your outwardly dynamic, worldly success on. This is your annual chance to shine bright professionally, by claiming your most dazzling native talent, work it to it’s full potential and broadcast it to the world already. Especially those most Libran pursuits of art, design, beauty, fashion, PR, relationship counselling, law, diplomacy, mediation etc are where promising doors open this month.

Regardless of what your vocational gig is, June is all about shameless self-promotion and snatching opportunities that align with your natural skills, rather than fluffing around holding back and second guessing your competence- no time for false modesty now! Whether it’s savvy advertising, brilliant networking skills, polishing your CV to perfection, schmoozing the boss/clients, polishing up the workday ‘look’ or actually flirting on the job (yes, and single Librans might even score their next date via a workplace attraction?); it’s time to get onto it.

Because Mars currently retrograde in your cash sector is quite financially frustrating, actually; but when Venus hooks up with Mars newly on track and Chiron in your work sector in early July- the whole work/vocation/income synergy will be ready to come together beautifully! And you want to prepare for that now, by figuring at how you plan to turn what you’re really good at into earning good coin, yes? Lilith in your income sector helps-you need to really believe in your professional worth in order to put a dollar value on it. Good work.

Image: Paolo Roversi

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