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So Mars backwards in Sag is a bummer, huh? All your best-laid plans feel head-fuqingly stalled, and you’re holed up on your own, trying to keep the faith by scheming various plans that may or may not bear fruit with time.

And also busting, with kinaesthetically simmering, volatile energy you want to let loose, and go full-bore aggro/forcing the issue on certain situations that are, frankly, testing your patience beyond what you’d normally ever put up with?

I get it! I mean you’ve got taskmaster Saturn in your sign until 2018 (!) forcing you into serious, responsible adulthood, which you loathe, and retrograde since January, so things have been so tediously hard-yakka beyond belief recently, right? And now Mars backwards until July just seems like too much to bear…

The thing about Saturn is getting you to distinguish between thine own self discipline, personal responsibility, maturity, biz savvy, endurance etc (which is brilliant, obviously) vs taking on societal expectations, judgemental tossers and authoritarian crap-the avoidance of which is your speciality; and so no you won’t be doing that! Ok then. So you’ve got nothing to stand on but your own integrity, self-reliance and the spiritual growth process called patience (look that word up, you might as well finally get to know the meaning of it, lol).

So in context, Mars retro this month is actually quite appropriate. You are directing all your raging energy inward: cultivating inner strength, courage and personal power via spiritual work/at the gym/whatever rocks your boat and going over old battle tactics/sexual dynamics/anger issues/fight or flight responses in your life and seeing if they can be refined and improved; in preparation for the fab developments of August onwards. You are a warrior/freedom fighter/sexual dynamo in training, which is kind of hot, right? Right??

The New Moon of the 7th,(with your patron planet Jupiter direct-yay!) restores your mojo, and is an excellent chance to finesse the details of the day-job/ health/fitness regime/work ethic; the better to be prepped to seize a great big career/life path opportunity in June. Stay focused.

And love returns, with Venus in your love sector, and randy Mars on top of the Full Moon of the 22nd. You’re in love/got something to say -speak up, and yes, keep it real, vulnerable and brave. But also avoid the needy, heavy Saturn emo shizz, and keep it romantically delightful, sparkling and playful for best results. Flirt it up!

Image: via weheartit

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