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You might be interested to know that Bitch Goddess Lilith completes her 18-month long tour of your sign from the 22nd.

So any mission you’ve been on recently to show the world that it can’t fuq with you, that you’re one elegantly tough cookie behind the sweetie-pie charm and flex some self-empowered muscle in life is now drawing to a close. The Full Moon of the 22nd integrates a healthily uncompromising, deeply self-assured attitude in your psyche; and it’s now time go forth and walk that talk happily, without the burden of feeling you have anything to ‘prove’ to anyone… what a relief!

Ok, so Lilith is into your cash/earnings sector, so you know you’re nobodies fool in that department. You claim your turf re charging what you’re worth, and making good coin from what you do on your own terms; which of course means you have to do it bloody well and no excuses! The buck, literally, stops with you this month.

So meanwhile the New Moon of the 7th in in your sex/money/intimacy sector is a cracker! You have Venus on board, so physically hot romantic attraction is running high, but Mercury retrograde says trying to talk rationally with some lover doesn’t quite cut it- it’s got to be limbic, instinctive and passionately, emotionally raw.

Jupiter says that you’re mainly interested in soul mate, spiritually compatible type connection here- so we’re not talking randomly getting laid or anything. And Pluto says any love/personal entanglement/money decisions right now could well affect your domestic scenario in unexpectedly dramatic ways, so you tread mindfully, and keep it real, yes?

And if there’s no love action going on that’s fine, you’re calibrating your attitude to personal entanglements with the blessed emotional distance of singledom…ready to respond authentically whenever the next scenario presents itself. Which, with anarchic Uranus in your love sector could be anytime, anywhere, and beyond any fixed agendas on your part. Expect the unexpected!

Image: Helmut Newton

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