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NEW MOON CLARITY coming right UP

New Moon in Aries, 9.23pm tomorrow, April 7th, AEST -and it's going to be a stunner!

And it's worth making a note of the exact time of this one (as above), because we ideally schedule any bold or decisive moves/conversations/action after that time, and not a moment before. And here's why:

One of the astro themes of late has been Chiron, the fixer of wounds, hanging out with the South Node of ancient shizz and old karma. It's like the psychic equivalent of going into the attic and pulling out one of those long lost boxes of old photos/family heirlooms/forgotten love letters/childhood trophies and mementoes etc and sifting through them real good. There might be some stinging nostalgia for times past, coming to terms with yesteryear's lost opportunities, beautiful memories revived, renewed pride at how well we've done surviving 'all that', long buried talents and dreams exhumed and reclaimed, a few tears of regret or joyful reconnection with our core, innocent self, as it was before life wore us down a bit... you get the picture...

Essentially we've been confronting our past, how we got to where we are today; reclaiming the good bits and methodically discarding the crappy old stories we SO don't need any more. It's brilliant stuff, and the point is that we don't wade in the quagmire of past self too long; we get that this is preparing us for to take the next step, all clean and shiny, toward the potential of future self and align more decisively with the hopes and dreams of tomorrow... and this is where this New Moon comes in...

The dark Moon of this week may have felt like still dragging ourselves through all the unresolved shizz, as above, and not a great time to launch any Fresh New Thing; but as soon as the Moon turns New tomorrow night we suddenly switch into confident forward action..and it's a psychological shift worth waiting for.

This Moon is in Aries, the most pioneering, forward moving sign and conjunct Uranus, the god of change. Uranus is nothing if not truly innovative, genuinely excited about visionary new possibilities and willing to take the big risks on making them happen. Stepping into the unknown, with nothing but gut wisdom/a hope and a dream/a lust for as yet unknown possibilities? Yes, and this Moon helps us along big time!

We become emotional warriors; having conquered our most sticky old demons we turn our attention bravely toward fighting for a better, more authentic future. Yes, this has been a theme for a while for various astro reasons; so we're familiar with the urge, and the New Moon energy brings us into greater emotional congruence with whatever this means for us right now. Love, career, ambition, health consciousness, personal growth, spiritual development, whatever -we're ready for it!

And this Moon has Mr Practical Saturn on board; so if our hopes and dreams require any particular personal discipline/biz savvy/financial efficiency/elegant self restraint re crappy old habits etc; we can harness the gritty determination for that stuff too. Don't argue -yes you can overcome with the right kind of steely willpower, if you so choose -you know it's true!

Happy New Moon x

Image: via BBC Human Planet.

An Image of a Wadaabe man, competing in the annual festival of male good looks and personal charisma. The traditional Wadaabe culture is, to my mind, a brilliant example of the Aries can-do of this Moon. Surviving, and thriving in an inhospitable landscape, the Wadaabe value personal toughness and personal pride. Culturally, they are disciplined and frugal enough to survive the annual hardships of the lengthy dry season, where water and sustenance are hard to come by; so come the more abundant wet season they get together and show off how gorgeous and spunky they can be despite all hard yakka-they deal with the (very) hard times, but don't get stick in self pity about it -when the good times come they go for it, and embrace the joy of being alive. Cultural generalities aside; it's a cool attitude to be inspired by, yes?

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