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Have you figured out yet that you are in a beautiful, expansive, positive spiritual awakening type karmic process right now? Yes, you are more in tune with a happy relationship with self, and comfortable on your own soul path than you’ve been for a while; and no doubt much well deserved personal healing and emotional breakthrough is happening for you right now.

Good. And if you want to know the area of life most likely to benefit from this new found perspective?

  1. Home, familial relationships, domestic/property issues are all ready to thrive, to the extent that you keep it real; be brave about exploring family dynamics, especially of the power trippy, emotionally loaded kind (including any skeletons lurking in the proverbial closet). And same goes for housemate, landlord/tenant scenarios or big money type real estate matters. You are ready to step up and healthily claim your turf somewhere in the world, emotionally/financially/literally whatever.

  2. The New Moon of the 7th features love goddess Venus strutting into your love sector! So your mojo is on, and you are newly attracting desirable romantic type scenarios, beautiful admirers and brilliantly creative collaborations. And Lilith says you want nothing less than authentic satisfaction from all this; it’s either hot or it’s not and you can totally tell the difference! And what’s more, Uranus lends you the spark to shake things up (or let someone unexpected shake things up for you?), in order to score the raw authenticity you desire in all things interpersonal. Excellent.

  3. Mars wonking out in your ideas/comms sector. Avoid fixed opinions, and if you must cling to obstinate old attitudes, dial down the conversational pontificating for the next few months, if possible?

Image: Michelle Du Xuan

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