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Image : Joan Jett

April scopes are up, and it's a wild ride coming at us!

The South Node/Chiron action is dredging up all kinds of ancient angst and dodgy, nostalgic emo trips; but pretty much everything else on the astro scape says stay strong by forging ahead already and courageously embracing the thrills and spills of the future!

The stars are full of squares and oppositions which means challenge, tension and forced growth...which is good!

If you're feeling insanely challenged, under the pump, scheming bold future plans and forced to thrive by facing thy fears and harnessing every shred of personal discipline you can find -you're doing it right!

And if you happen to be languishing in some kind of mental cul-de-sac/tedious 'comfort zone' ? You'll feel way better this month, as soon as you get a firecracker up your backside and force yourself to do something different -true!

Sexy Pluto, rebel-king Uranus and a visionary Jupiter/Destiny Point thing are calling us all to transcend our own crap and claim a better, bolder, more authentic tomorrow -so let's get on it...

And yes, even though Mars is wonking out retrograde, where we feel the whole two steps forward/one step back frustration; we deal with delays and tedious obstacles with our best perseverance. And keep our eyes on the prize no matter what.

There is a glorious future calling, if we choose it, let's stay focused on that; we are going to get there eventually...

Happy April x

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