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Something big is up with your work sector this month; so there’s no getting out of pulling off something productive or useful as March unfolds…

Your work sector includes the Libra day-job, any kind of professional/biz elbow grease/admin/ daily tasks or rituals you must complete to stay ahead of the game with a healthy, wealthy and wise lifestyle. It’s about grounding your visionary hopes and dreams in the rich soil of daily discipline and personal accountability to your chosen priorities.

So the hopes and dreams are clear enough, what with lucky, visionary Jupiter with the future-oriented Destiny Point in your house of hopes, dreams and spiritual vision. You know what you’re yearning for…and this month your work sector is going to show you how to get it! The New Moon Solar Eclipse of the 9th is a brilliant inspiration, as follows:

  1. Chiron is onside for addressing, treating and healing any health issues that may have been plaguing you lately. Remember, Jupiter says that a positive, healthy mental/spiritual attitude is also a key component of good health, yes?

  2. Neptune says you only want a truly fulfilling, meaningful vocation, not just any old tedious daily grind. Good! But as any ‘creative’ professional working outside the normal paradigm will tell you, you gotta work hard for the privilege of a freer, more alternative way of earning your daily bread!

  3. The ‘South Node’ of old karma says you have probably already been grinding away at the skills required to nail your dream job for quite some time; so you are eminently qualified/talented already. It’s just a matter of refining your approach and pulling it all together at this point.

  4. Beautiful Venus on board from the 12th awakens your native talent, creative confidence, professional charm and shameless flirtation/self promotion skills- so handy right now!

Ok, so control freaking the work/lifestyle thing leaves little time to focus on love, which is good! The key to successful romance this month is wildly unpredictable Uranus in your love sector- expect the unexpected!

And the Libra Full Moon of the 23rd is your time to literally shine-go forth with your best self-belief and thrive, baby!

Image: Paolo Roversi

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