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The next several months are kind of divided between Mars in your work sector saying Go the day-job potential and Mars in your love sector saying Go the Gemini love life; which is no problemo for multi-tasking You, of course.

But from March 6th, it’s predominantly partnership that captivates your attention until late May. Love is suddenly not so much about subtle, ambiguous romantic signals (your usual speciality) as it is about direct, ardent romantic pursuit. You want someone -you come right out and say it/give chase. And whoever wants you is giving chase right back, which is nice.

Good, so love priorities (one way or the other) are about to get real clear, then.

The better to focus on the super inspiring New Moon Solar Eclipse in your biz sector on the 9th, followed by beautiful Venus jazzing up your professional creativity and charm from the 12th. This is when you really want to problem solve any lingering old, self-sabotaging crap re the Gemini career; the better to harness all the native moxy and innate talent you’ve got at your disposal right now toward a shiny new plan.

Mercury, your ruling planet, in your career sector from the 6th onwards lends some helpful, savvy communication skills to mix. You enlist that snake charmer, flirty persuasiveness of yours to any biz negotiations and viola, you find yourself in a productive dialogue toward a more You vocational plan.

And the point of this is that career is supposed to serve your personal well being right now, not the other way around. You are definitely not up for wage slaving if you can possibly help it, or really any biz/work paradigm that requires you to sacrifice your lifestyle/family life for the almighty dollar or professional status. You want to keep the work/life balance healthy and productive, in order to fulfil your best potential on all fronts; which is most wise of you, I must say.

Jupiter says lush out and really enjoy your personal life, home base, family relations and freedom to live life on your own lovely terms this month; and not let any dullards who happen to turn up squash your mojo, huh?

Image: arlene mendoza

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