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The month begins with a flare up of bitch goddess Lilith in your sign challenging anarchic Uranus in your sector of love, partnership and other people. This could be hot and/or could be trouble.

You: Respect my values, let me be me and for fuqs sake stop telling me what to do! But if you get on board with my wild ways, and appreciate the stuff I’m passionate about we can have a real good time together…

Everyone else: I’m not reliable, predictable or pin-down able, and no, I won’t enable any of your safe assumptions about relationship. But if you can get on board with that, I’ll rock your world in a good way, if you’re up for a wild ride…

Libra romance/personal connections: Rocky, turbulent, passionate, unexpected, liberating, and requiring tons of mutual respect…even a wildly exciting, sexy meeting of equals, perhaps? Ok then.

Meanwhile, you have a magical Jupiter/Destiny Point thing calling you to a ‘higher’, transcendent spiritual practice- where you tune into a powerful sense of inner fulfilment that is not reliant on outer circumstance/material well being etc; which is actually a rare and precious thing, when you think about it. But you also have Mars in your cash/security sector egging you on to express a lust for life by hustling up lots of life-affirming material abundance, financial independence and, well, cash, basically.

Can you cultivate the inner peace of accepting what is, whilst simultaneously chasing after what could be with the endless, valiant struggle to get ahead? Sure, why not, it’s a basic paradox of the human condition to get this balance right, and one that you’re beautifully ready to embrace this month.

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance. The wise grows it under his feet.” James Oppenheim

Image: Lorenzo d Guia


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