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The New Moon of the 10th is a nice kick-start for the Cancerian love life:

You have Pluto saying stay passionate, and prepared to explore the full, transformative potential of personal relationships. If you’re partnered, you’re not cruising along in autopilot so much as committed to learning something new about one another (the better to stay mutually enchanted) as often as possible? Or, if single, any new contenders about to turn up could be way more wacko/sexy life changing than expected, and you embrace that.

No way do you dodge this fervent romantic astro; it’s totally life affirming and emotionally awakening – notwithstanding some odd, yet strangely revealing ‘us chat’s coming up this week- thank you Mercury retrograde.

You are also hitting an interesting confluence of career influences, as follows:

  1. Uranus is shaking up some officially Big Ideas in your brain, around the wider vocational plan, and how you pursue that whilst keeping the work/life balance on track. Hint: Lilith in your home sector is pretty uncompromising; so if you have to serve toasted sandwiches to the tribe/keep nutso hours for a while cos you’re too busy success-mongering or whatever …then you do that1

  2. Mars is active in your artsy/creative sector for 7 whole months-save only for popping briefly into your work sector. You have an extraordinary inner font of raw creative energy to draw upon this year- and need only to harness that primal force in aid of some kind of productive, professionally viable goal and viola! You’re on fire, baby!

  3. Saturn is ploughing through your work sector for all of 2016 and beyond. Your work ethic is hitting its stride – steady, grittily determined and superbly immune to distraction. Is there anything you can’t achieve this year, if you put your mind to it?

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