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Image: Jacob Sadrak


The really big news right now is Mars, your hot-blooded, full power, randy ruling planet into your 8th, sex/intimacy/shared money sector for over 6 months! It’s so rare for Mars to spend this long in one place, and in your case it’s an amazing source of pure energy with which to lush up your love, sex and money life.

There is something primal about the 8th house, and Mars the energiser here is a full voltage, seemingly unlimited power source to carry you through until August –so what you gonna do with all that firepower, huh?

Here’s a clue; lucky Jupiter activating the Destiny Point in your work sector right on the New Moon in your biz/career sector on Jan 10th; exact for the second half of Jan and active until June. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that there are new avenues opening up, where you can manifest a professional scenario for yourself with maximum bang for your buck re the work=success equation.

It could be pushing your current job to new heights of achievement, or fearlessly chasing up a whole new, way more you gig. If you’re feeling bolshie enough to push yourself even just a bit beyond the comfort zone, the stars are on your side! 2016 is a different, more expansive level of personal achievement, should you choose to embrace it…

And then romance is all about Uranus (personal freedom) in your sign arcing up with bitch goddess Lilith in your love sector. This is hot. You’re like ‘I’m an evolving free spirit, so can you love and respect me for who I am and who I might become? And your lover is like ‘great, I’m an unapologetically free spirit too, let’s push some emotional boundaries and build a beautiful, thriving, unconventional love!’. It’s fabulous don’t explain, don’t complain energy, the better to get on with authentic connection and fuq tired old expectations.

And if you’re single/love aint your thing you are totally relishing the delicious freedom to be thyself, no matter what that solo life allows. Or if you are hoping to hook up, I’ve gotta tell you that sexy Mars in your sex sector, until August, for goodness sake, is bound to deliver plenty of ardent prospects over the next 6 months. It’s time to embrace the thrill of the hunt/being hunted, huh?

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