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LIBRA/LIBRA RISING ​ It’s always fun having Mars in your sign; you’re more ballsy, energised, busting with personal confidence and fired-up and excited about life generally. So you you’re wide awake, so to speak, and ready to seize the day with your very best can-do attitude. And it gets even better, when Bitch Goddess Lilith hooks up with Mars in early month. You’re strutting around and flaunting the fact of just how deliciously and unapologetically you are comfortable enough in your skin to get your groove on, on your very own terms; and could give a flying fuq what anyone else thinks. You’re not about seeking approval, or permission to be your best self; you’re not even particularly about ego-gratification (ok, maybe a teensy bit of ego). But it’s really about the thrill of living freely, and unencumbered by anyone’s expectations of you beyond your own. And after the love stars of recent months, where you’ve been so focused on the quality of relationships; it’s nice to now focus on the quality of healthy relationship with thyself. Radical self-acceptance is your new turn on. And on that note, Saturn says it’s great to get as clear as possible about what you want out of life right now, and formulate some coherent scheme to that end around the New Moon of the 11th. Because then you can properly work the magic that is Neptune trying to score you a more meaningful/inspiring day job scenario, where you get to properly show off your true creative genius. Its time to magically manifest your dream job; and all the better that you have the mental stamina behind you to stay hungry, stay foolish -and stay focused on the end game (to paraphrase Steve Jobs). And yes, romance is still a thing. You want only wild, wonderful, mind-blowing communion with somebody just as madly self-assured as yourself. A lover who walks their own talk, and eggs you on to try whatever daring personal brilliance turns you on. It’s full-tilt thrills or nothing?

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