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Love Goddess Venus has been recently loving it up with her lover Mars, and now she hits her stride in Libra, from Nov 9th. So Venus in in her element, and super potent right now: She is in one of the signs of her rulership. The Venusian imperative for beauty, romance and art reaches peak potency in Libra; our aesthetic sensibilities, relationship skills and beauty regime are all exquisitely right on this month. She enters Libra via the Destiny Point (aka the mysterious North Node of the Moon). Our Venusian instincts right now are acutely forward thinking. Any new look, creative venture or love affair/renewed connection with a partner this week may well exert a powerful, formative influence on our future life-path. Let's pay attention to our decisions right now! She is about to meet Bitch Goddess Lilith (nov 17th). Venus in Libra is typically a partnership oriented, people-pleasing, charmer of a placement, but Lilith couldn't give a flying fuq who 'approves' of her, or enjoys her pleasing conversational skills or not. Lilith be like take me as I am or rack off, motherfuqa. Ok, so Libran Venus can relate to this, actually...

All that stuff about Libra being the 'iron fist in the velvet glove' suggests that for all her courtesan-like charm, Libra is a cardinal (bossy) sign, and never so pleased as when she meets an equal who can match her power and relate to her with proper R.E.S.P.E.C.T! There's also a bit of Saturn influence here, so we're really looking for solid commitments and (again) tangible mutual respect/good manners in all our interactions. Thus do our personal connections flourish this month. So to the extent that Venus rules love, we are highly romantically polished and flirting at supernaturally sophisticated levels of deliciously engaging conversation. But we're also not fluffing around- we mean what we say and we want our love interests/partners to do the same. Ok then.

And Venus rules beauty. Libra is terribly looks-ist, let's face it, so we are thinking a lot about our appearance right now. And our instincts re this are no doubt brilliant. If you suddenly see your wardrobe more clearly one morning, and realize which items really suit you and which jarring, ill-fitting hideous impulse buy from last season has to go? You're probably right. There's plenty of time for boho, free-range glam when Venus hits Sag in Jan, but for now we're doing artfully tasteful, timeless style... the Libran look can be pastel/preppy/pretty, and also OTT, glamour puss perfectly groomed perfectionism -think Dita Von Teese in full, polished regalia. Libra also loves a suit/an elegantly androgynous vibe (ala Marlene Dietrich, for example), or any kind of beautifully structured, tailored garments with a crisp, definitive silhouette. Tis the season for frocking (or suiting) up, the perfect manicure, the skilful full face of make-up, shiny/frizz free hair, the perfect shade of lipstick. And the ideal Libran scent? Something classic, like Chanel or Guerlaine. Or hyper feminine/floral notes like gardenia or rose. Or the unexpected edge of a male cologne on a woman, or a pretty perfume on a boy? Libra loves playing with gender stereotypes.

And then there's decor. There's no getting around the fact that Libra gets the whole Dolce Vita thing -we are more likely to be jushing up the lounge room, investing in gorgeously matched soft-furnishing/cushion action, optimizing our environment with desirable new belongings etc. Yes, Libra does love to spend up big on divinely tasteful objects -lovely, as long as it doesn't break the bank, huh? And Venus rules the creative process. In Libra, we make art that is attractive & accessible via its sheer beauty and powerful aesthetic impact. Let's not be scared to be pleasing to the eye/ear/senses of our audience, yes, the better to engage them in our broader intellectual narrative? Happy Venus in Libra x

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