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SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING Just on the off chance that you are currently single, and prowling the social scene with that libidinous hunger of yours; hoping to turn up someone up for it? Well yes, actually. Keep on flirting (or glaring hypnotically at your chosen prey until they can no longer resist –whatever that thing is that you guys do so well…), and the first few days of November could be tres fruitful. And not just in a cheap, pick-up sense, but as in connecting with someone with real, lovely romantic potential. Ok! Or if you are already spoken for, and want to re-boot the connection? Invite your lover out on a date already. Take in a show, have some fun, get out of the house and get amongst it, have a heated political discussion in a bar or something, the better to rediscover one another’s sparkling social charms. And with the Mercurial New Moon of the 12th in Scorpio, you do want to have your cerebral spark on, and feeling like you are flexing some intellectual muscle in your life. Your personal principles matterto you, and it’s important that you have a means of communicating them in the world. Chiron the healer and philosophical Jupiter are on board here; so you feel good about yourself when you have a platform, or creative process with which to express your ideas and beliefs clearly; not so much when you bottle them up inside your sometime tendency (admit it) for stony, enigmatic silence. And anyway, the next time you’re pontificating brilliantly at some party/acting up at the next civil rights rally/ranting online about your favourite cause/ publicising your latest artsy project could be exactly when you bump into a like-minded cutie pie and sparks fly! Motivated now, are we? The Full Moon of the 26th is great for all this. You have principles you want to stick up for; people around you are genuinely interested; and that’s a fab starting point for some fab, mutually enlightening dialogue (as opposed to talking at one another or passive aggressive mind reading). And this only makes all of your relationships more rewarding and authentic. Excellent.

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