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Dios de la Muerte

So I just had a bunch of kids yelling 'trick or treat' at our front door and I'm like 'what, when did this start happening in Australia??'

Ok so I'm clearly behind the times (and luckily, well stocked with chocolate, lol), and yes we do the whole pagan remembrance of the dead, lighting of candles, pumpkin carving and magical Samhain rituals in my world, but I forgot about kids in cute costumes demanding candy! It also has to do with my irritation re celebrating a death festival in life-budding Spring in the

southern hemisphere, as opposed to the more appropriate, descending-into-winter Autumn; the same way as it annoys me (way more) to be doing bunnies/eggs/fertility Easter rituals in the southern hemisphere Autumn when it's really a (northern hemisphere) Spring festival. But that's another story. Anyway, happy Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead! Let's get out magical connection with the Otherworld on tonight, and respectfully honour and remember out beloved, departed loved ones xxx Salutations to the spirits walking amongst us tonight!

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