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Full Moon in deliciously earthy Taurus tomorrow, exact 11.05pm Oct 27th. We have plenty of action in the other earth signs already; what with greedy Jupiter in Virgo triggering our bigger appetites via brooding Pluto in Capricorn. And Venus/Mars teasing us with some not-yet-resolved love story in perfectionist Virgo. So we have some bangingly big desires going on; and obsessively chasing all kinds of high-end fulfilment re this. We expect to be outrageously successful in all aspects of life pronto -we want the world, and we want it now! Ok, there's no getting around our sexy lust for life at the moment, which is great. And yes, we can run around chasing all manner of glittery ambitions, and there's plenty of time for that... But where this Full Moon helps is to slow us down, and bring it back to the clarity of the moment. The Moon loves to be in Taurus! Lunar energy is about what drives us emotionally; and earthy Taurus brings it back to the simple satisfaction of physical well-being, and the powerful, intuitive wisdom of the emotional body. It's time to really listen to our most basic, kinaesthetic instincts. If something really, truly feelsright go for it!! But if something feels dodgy- put up your best, Bullish boundaries, pull back and stand your ground, huh? This Full Moon is for the life-affirming pleasure of doing stuff we really, truly enjoy right now, and forget the rest. Let's embrace the moment; nurture your body, eat something healthfully delicious, drink some wine, get a massage, do some yoga, play your favorite music, enjoy the tactile pleasures, love your lover (yes, the one that's right here right now- not some fantasy future person), hang out with people/an animal companion who makes you feel good, take the time to enjoy your own company, get in touch with nature- roll around in the grass, hug a tree, smell the roses, etc... it's time to be available for the simple joy of being alive. Happy Full Moon x

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