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There's a whole lot of action going down in the earth signs at the moment, and we're really wanting to feel fully grounded in our bodies, our physicality, our tangible, realistic life plans right now... Firstly, we have the lovers, Venus and Mars chasing each other through Virgo and heading for a hook up by early November (more on that later). So we're focused upon love as something real, satisfying, actually going somewhere (and if not, why the fuq is it taking so long, lol). We are making wise choices re choosing functional relationships, absolutely; but we still have to elegantly surrender to our inability to force the outcome (as always, where Lady Love is concerned). The thing is that Mars (how we make stuff happen) in practical Virgo is opposing the wounded healer, Chiron in fully emo Pisces. We each have our own little existential crisis about how to integrate that grinding desire to get things done already with our more complex, inner imperative for emotional healing and spiritual/creative growth; not always a predictable or overtly productive process.

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