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There's a whole lot of action going down in the earth signs at the moment, and we're really wanting to feel fully grounded in our bodies, our physicality, our tangible, realistic life plans right now... Firstly, we have the lovers, Venus and Mars chasing each other through Virgo and heading for a hook up by early November (more on that later). So we're focused upon love as something real, satisfying, actually going somewhere (and if not, why the fuq is it taking so long, lol). We are making wise choices re choosing functional relationships, absolutely; but we still have to elegantly surrender to our inability to force the outcome (as always, where Lady Love is concerned). The thing is that Mars (how we make stuff happen) in practical Virgo is opposing the wounded healer, Chiron in fully emo Pisces. We each have our own little existential crisis about how to integrate that grinding desire to get things done already with our more complex, inner imperative for emotional healing and spiritual/creative growth; not always a predictable or overtly productive process.

We're kind of chafing at the bit to get on top of our to-do lists/score some rapid material progress, and kind of locking horns with our inner demons/transcending old patterns as a therapeutic journey of personal improvement. Which one is more important? Both, obviously, but how to make your inner growth and outer success work hand in hand...that's the magic, yes? We also have lucky Jupiter in earthy Virgo activating sexy Pluto in earthy Capricorn. This is a massively lucrative combo! If we're thinking coin, we're thinking big. We don't just want to make a reasonable living doing our thing, we want to make a mint. Ok, why not, and we could get that happening right now, with the right kind of positive work ethic. But there's more to this astro... Pluto says are you actually challenging thyself, by pursuing a vocational path that means enough to really dig deep and come up with your most fundamental, core talent; and the true grit to work at it until it bears fruit? This might require some significant personal and professional transformation, yes? We are all phoenixing out of our previously limiting ideas of what we are capable of, and discovering powerful new reserves of self-belief and hard-yakka in the process.

And Jupiter says are ready for the joy of truly immersing yourself in the moment? Yes, we are totally goal oriented but the journey is half the fun, yes? When we are nutting away at some big biz/life strategy it sometimes pays to slow down and tune into the experience. In the centre of the creative process is sometimes when we catch ourselves losing our stressy/ego/achievement mind and embracing the task at hand. The power of magical manifestation: fully feeling/embodying the bigger vision that got us started in the first place, whilst humbly/doggedly/determinedly doing the work required of us right now. Now that's earth magic, right there. And we're heading for a Full Moon in earthyTaurus next week, which will help us to tune into the kinaesthetic pleasure of living/loving/embracing life's full potential as it comes, moment by moment. Let's get ready to slow down and really enjoy the journey, huh?

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