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New Moon in Libra today, exact 11.06 this morning, AEDT. New Moons are always a new beginning of sorts, and we are certainly up for some fresh inspiration, what with the current Venus/Saturn scuffle. Venus rules lovely romance and artsy mojo and Saturn is a tough reality check. So some of us may have had a few of our hopes, dreams and luvvy liasons knocked about a bit recently, and feeling slightly deflated for it? Take recent lessons on board, for sure, and learn from them, but lets drop the angst now and turn our attention to the sparkly fresh new possibilities that a lovely Venusian New Moon reveals... This Moon has electrifying Uranus on board, so it's not so much a hint of nicer, clearer new possibilities ahead as a series of blinding flashes of pure, raw, awesome! Uranus is a game changer: 1. No sooner have we recognised some crap old pattern as we realise we can fuq it off/change it ASAP -so we do. 2. And then no sooner do we tune into some better, thrilling new vision for ourselves than we realise that yes, we can make it happen. And we do, because why the hell not?? By hook or by crook; whether we have to magic some crazy plan, run with sheer, fearless self-belief for a while, pounce on some sudden, synchronous new opportunity with lightning quick reflexes... It's time to take a risk on something that properly excites us. There is the smell of promise in the air today, with new dreams, schemes and love action tantalisingly within reach. Let's embrace it, huh? ​Happy New Moon x

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