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LEO/LEO RISING So now that you’re done with the thrill-seeker ride that was Jupiter amplifying your brazen awesome from August 2014, love goddess Venus in your sign for months on end and bolshie Mars recently Leo; what to do now that all the Leo-centric action is apparently easing off??? Rock that shiny new, freshly emboldened rawr of yours when it comes to claiming what’s yours in the world, that’s what! Firstly, you’ve got lucky Jupiter in your cash sector now, and you’re satisfied with nothing les than full blown abundance; it’s time to come to terms with the Leo potential for proper wealth. And just to be clear, this is not necessarily about greedy, grasping money-lust or accumulating a bulging bank account. It’s the freedom that comes from an autonomous income, earned on your own terms, that allows you to live a more authentic uninhibited life. It’s the peace of mind of not stressing over every cent, imagined future poverty or wage-slaving yourself into a zombie routine of meaningless drudgery. It’s doing something you totally love, or at least a gig with the flexibility to afford a fulfilling lifestyle as well. I aint here to offer specific strategies re scoring that dream job; except that Jupiter says it begins with the optimistic, exuberant realization that it’s even possible, and Pluto says you have the innate, internal locus of power and gritty work-ethic to make it happen no matter what. Oh yes, and Saturn in your creative sector says if you have a brilliant talent, more elbow grease and less fluffy daydreaming is how you polish it up to professional standards, yes? Good. And then there’s claiming your romantic turf. Venus and Mars are soon loving it up in your security sector; and you go for a relationship dynamic that feels grounded, real and sustainably functional. You ditch the thrills and spills of psychosexual drama, and cultivate a love that involves shared values, mutual respect and fulfilling emotional well-being instead. This is a truly beautiful development; whether it means deepening an existing connection, making a sane choice about the kind of individual you next ask on a date OR enjoying a more accepting and satisfying relationship with thyself. The key is to embrace a love life that you actually enjoy, yes?

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