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May is here, the scopes are up... and it looks pretty cool!

So May/Taurus season is usually dominated by comfy indolence, indulgent physical appetites & steady material/financial security. Which is delicious of course, and this one has Taurus ruler Venus in Gemini we have so many avenues to enjoy our predilections & Mars in Cancer loves to nourish our appetites/emotional comfort zone, so yes we get to lush up & enjoy.

But also the big astro this month is expansive, adventurous Jupiter into his old-skool rulership of mystical Pisces, cruising towards a meeting with Pisces magical modern ruler Neptune by early 2022. Pisces is shining bright right now, so we are all cosmic wild child, spiritual seekers & creative geniuses this year -especially from this month!

Not to mention Uranus in Taurus to subvert our dominant paradigm around security & pleasure seeking habits. Maybe there are some weird & wonderful new ways to turn ourselves on & manifest inspired, liberating opportunities to thrive in this changing world huh?

Happy Taurus season folks, and plenty more detail for your sign with the May horoscopes here x

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