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So Saturn direct in your 2nd house, opposite Lilith in your 8th house from November 4th is interesting, to begin the month:

The 2nd house is about whatever cultivates a sense of personal security. Yes this is about comfortable material prosperity-it feels good to be in control of your own, autonomous income & wealth. So any suave choices you’ve been smart enough to make lately, on the back foot with Saturn retro -begin to bear fruit financially, with Saturn direct this month.

Also, perhaps more important as such a staunchly principled sign; the 2nd house is about cultivating and sticking to your own, core personal values. So if you’ve been feeling a bit wobbly with Saturn retro lately? Especially with wounded healer Chiron retro in your ideas & communication sector: interrogating what you actually believe in and how to communicate that, with the socially relevant, intellectual conversations that are so important to you? Saturn direct feels good, to begin to settle into a new, finessed sense of clear intentions, mental clarity and personal integrity in all your dialogues-that you’ve been working on for a while. Ok great.

Meanwhile Bitch Lilith is also about personal integrity, specifically coming to terms with any innate, empowering qualities we have; that may or may not be acceptable to others because they are controversial, too individualistic or whatever? And in your 8th house of intimate, family & financial entanglements, Bitch Lilith can be kinda confronting!

So the temptation with Saturn opposite Lilith, is a battle of wills with certain people you are close to. Could be a bitch, if you’re into drama?

Or a much more Aqua approach, being turned on by the differences between you. Maybe healthy boundaries, to admire one another with mutual respect? Maybe exciting frisson/sexy chemistry with a meeting of equals love affair/deeply connected relationship? I mean it helps to have Venus also in your 8th early Nov, to keep the romance sweet.

Or maybe negotiating some biz deal? Ideally you also keep this sweet and productive, dealing with challenging scenarios in a pragmatic way. To get creative about making good coin, in some kind of win-win professional negotiation?

Perfect, to get ready for the New Moon of November 13th in your brilliant career sector, conjunct Mars and Ceres:

Mars brings fierce ambition, to get ahead professionally. Picking up on Saturn direct in your wealth sector, to cleverly monetise what you do!

Ceres helps to make professional choices that are fulfilling, in terms of doing stuff you love-that also help other people to thrive, with your best humanitarian instincts.

And opposite your ruler Uranus in your home sector, you have a lot going on with domestic/family dynamics evolving at warp speed, that you need to honour & cultivate right now.

Success looks like the perfect work/life balance. And as you navigate various biz & personal relationship imperatives? Especially the self care, to look after yourself as you go…

Then the Full Moon of Nov 27th in your fun 5th house, opposite Mars & healer Chiron in your favourite place-your social sector:

As such a people oriented sign, is so life affirming to have a good time with your crew. Whatever scene you can be your true self in is a turn on, without having to play the bourgeois game trying to be some generic, societal expectation. What a relief! The better to appreciate the good friends that mean the world to you-because you really do care unconditionally, and have each other’s back no matter what. Aqua bliss!

Also the buzz of confident self-expression, to do with showing off your genius creative talent. A bit of shameless self promotion and clever networking goes a long way-to having a good time with whatever you’re good at. And maybe spruiking certain professional opportunities?

Image: Melvin Sokolsky


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