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Saturn in your sign drilling away on constant discipline, to keep your act together under pressure has been challenging right? And Jupiter also in Aqua since December has been a restless kind of yearning, for a more positive, expansive life to keep you motivated on the personal growth regime.

So Jupiter moving into your income sector since May has been turning you on, to explore potential new ways to monetise your genius & fund the life you have realised you want to live. But Jupiter retrograde from June 22nd could feel like annoying delays, re certain earning scenarios you’ve been trying to hustle? And yes, till late July you might have to slow down & rework the plan…

And that’s ok because Jupiter back into Aqua from August till next January is permission to spend the rest of 2021 loving being you & shining your light in the world just because you can! Which is beautifully life affirming, and getting ready for a rush of next level earning confidence when Jupiter charges through your income sector early 2022.

Meanwhile the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of the 10th is perfect inspo for all this. It’s in your play & talent sector with Venus lushing up your work/lifestyle sector; to have fun because good times matter, and also work the creative process to get better at what you’re good at for long term professional advantage. Especially with the Destiny Point & Mercury retro involved the goals you are working on right now are totally promising, but you take the time to finesse the details rather than blundering forward just yet huh?

Then where you can charge forward with full, spunky momentum is sexy Mars in your love sector June 12th till late July. It’s all about delicious passion & lust, to fire up the connection with your main squeeze. Or if single, more likely to attract someone hot chasing you (especially if you’re into men) -and they could be for real!

Image: Grace Guozhi by Marc De Groot for Vogue Netherlands


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