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So as officially the most social, gregarious sign of all-who just adores being out & about in the world & participating in the cultural zeitgeist…January is interesting.

I mean Mars in your social sector is fab for your social charisma, and more likely to be hanging out, doing cool stuff with crew who turn you on, so that’s fun.

Especially opposite Bitch Lilith mid month; it’s all about being appreciated for the unique, inspiring, free thinking rebel you are than so much catering to the status quo/bourgeois expectations to be accepted.

Especially during the weird phase of conformity going on in the world; this is a deeply important principle for you -and you adore the people around you who get what you’re on about & excited to evolve together, right?

Because meanwhile, the New Moon of Jan 3rd is in your soul sector, with Venus on Pluto to feel deeply into the instinctual, inner knowing & primal values that matter to you right now. It’s like charging your spiritual/shamanic/magical batteries, by tuning into the powerful ju-ju that you carry within yourself & whatever higher love energy/creative muse inspires you.

And with Mercury into your sign for this Moon, to be fully sparkling articulate & share that genius you’ve been tapping into with the world. You’ve got a lot to say & people are keen to be turned on by listening to your rants -Aquarius bliss!

Then ok, Mercury turning retro on reality-check Saturn mid Jan -could be time to check personal misunderstandings or techie/networking glitches-the better to stay on point and finesse any dialogues/plans threatening to go sideways-know what I mean?

Then the Full Moon of the 18th is in your practical health/work sector, opposite Pluto in your spooky soul sector. Because do admit as such a brilliant, innovative visionary; sometimes it’s all happening in your head & the abstract buzz of sharing cool ideas around…but not so much the tangible, physical discipline of making stuff actually happen hmmm? So this Moon is great for intelligent instincts about a health regime & healthy work ethic, to apply yourself to whatever you wish to manifest this month.

Meanwhile your sparky ruler Uranus retro in your domestic sector, square Saturn in your sign could have tetchy issues about the logistics of where you live/who you live with/family scenarios lately? So Uranus direct from the 20th is a fab, fresh perspective; to clear the air with loved ones and clarify any property scenarios for 2022…nice one.

And speaking of love… Venus direct in your soul sector from the 29th has Mars coming at her; to prepare for deeply passionate connection with someone who gets you, on a spooky soulmate level by Venus/Mars conjunction mid Feb. So that’s romance action to look forward to for sure!

Image: Edita Vilkeviciute Photoshoot for Numéro


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