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So Saturn lurking in your 12th house/soul sector since Jan 2018 would have been a hard-core look in the mirror, to deal with your unconscious patterns & come to terms with spiritual & personal growth discipline at the best of times. But gosh with Pluto involved it’s really brought any swampy personal demons, difficult existential issues etc into the cold, hard light of day-geez have the last few years been confronting or what?? And thank goodness for optimistic, lucky Jupiter involved for the last 12 months to keep you connected to some kind of higher inspo; to understand that there is meaningful purpose to your journey & an inner joy you can access anytime…

Because the big news is Saturn into Aquarius from Dec 18th –with 2 1/2 years ahead to bring all that inner work you’ve been doing to the fore, and walk your talk with full integrity & respect from the people around you-because you’ve earned it, baby!

It’s like after hiding out dealing with your internal landscape (which has been challenging for the social, outgoing creature you are); you come back into the world with massive new, gritty determination to thrive & achieve meaningful success in your life because you damn well can. And so much more likely to have worthwhile prospects come your way; because finally everyone gets that you’re for real & supremely competent at whatever you do, and actually feel like you’re being taken seriously & the validation you deserve.

Especially with positive Jupiter also in your sign from Dec 20th; which lends you such exuberant confidence about who you are & dynamic fresh energy to believe in yourself, where Lady Luck notices that you are ready to thrive, and helps out by bringing excellent, expansive opportunities to get amongst it, & rock your brilliance in the world. Yes, you are so ready for this.

Especially the New Moon of the 15th in your favourite social sector, which is kinda your home turf to mingle, share ideas & be the inspiring maverick you love to be amongst your tribe. Extra-specially with clever Mercury involved, in flowing aspect with Mars energising your ideas/comms sector –you’re basically operating at about a thousand genius schemes/dreams/promising dialogues & networking opportunities a minute!

So yeah mid month is busy in the best way, & even if a bit hectic you don’t mind –it feels o good to be back in the world right?

Meanwhile this Moon syncs the Destiny Point in your playful 5th house, which is great for your sheer talent & the shameless self-promotion to show it off. Also lovely romantic confidence in your love life: Because with Venus involved from mid month, if you have someone special it’s time to keep it sweet, show them a good time, maybe take them out on a nice date to renew the spark? And if single, you could be working some very successful flirty wiles out on the scene, if you happen to be on the prowl?

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